Trends in ASC Robotics

The market appears primed to experience rapid growth

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Protect Your ASC From Embezzlement

Scrubs. Gloves. Scalpels. Drapes. A rowboat. Which of these is not like the others?

Margaret Acker, RN, CASC, wishes she did not need to answer this question. She was the chief executive officer (CEO) of an ASC when she saw an unauthorized purchase of a rowboat on her ASC's credit card statement.

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Trump Administration’s Prescription Drug Plan Signals New Proposed Rules

The US now spends more per person on prescription medication than any other country, with more than $340 billion in total retail prescription drug spending per year. According to a October 2018 poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), healthcare was the most important issue area among registered voters, and healthcare costs, including prescription drugs, was listed as the most important issue within healthcare.

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Focus on Members

How do you train your coders and keep up with the evolving codes?

Cindy Young

"We send our business office manager and our coder to the ASCA winter coding conference each year as well as have them attend any webinars on coding ASCA during the year. . ..."

—Cindy Young, Surgery Center of Farmington

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Names in the News

Slosburg Receives Nap Gary Award for Lifetime Achievement

Donna Slosburg

ASCA awarded its Nap Gary Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the ASC Community to Donna Slosburg, RN, CASC, executive director of ASC Quality Collaboration (ASC QC).

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