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ASC Focus January 2015 Cover January 2015


Features of the January issue include:

Easing the Transition – Advice for moving patients and procedures from HOPDs into ASCs.

Running a Tight Ship – How to manage ASC staff to ensure full coverage.

Pregnancy Discrimination – What ASCs need to know.

ASC-8 Requirements – What you need to know to report successfully.



ASC Focus February 2015 Cover February 2015


Features of the February issue include:

ASCs in ACOs – How to be successful in the coordinated care model.

As the Dust Settles – ASCs benefit as ACA changes begin to take effect.

ASCs and Health Care Reform – Attorney Mark Wilson discusses opportunities and challenges in today's marketplace.

Medicare’s 2015 Final Payment Rule – Policy changes that impact your ASC.



ASC Focus March 2015 Cover March 2015


Features of the March issue include:

Improve Your Revenue Cycle – Use key performance reports and benchmarking to enhance your bottom line.

Full Coverage – Make sure that your ASC has the insurance protection it needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Patients embrace up front conversations about costs of care.

Medicare Payment Policy Overview – How CMS sets ASC reimbursement rates.



ASC Focus April 2015 Cover April 2015


Features of the April issue include:

Tech Advantage – Use IT to demonstrate quality.

Optimize Operations – Fine tune your IT investments.

Packaged Services, NCCI Edits – What ASCs need to know.

Clinical Informatics – Are you ready?



ASC Focus May 2015 Cover May 2015


Features of the May issue include:

Lead by Example – Transform your organization by transforming yourself.

Drug Disposal Rules Change – What you need to do to comply.

Succession Planning – Future-focused ASCs benefit employers and employees.

ASCA in Orlando – This year’s annual meeting promises cutting-edge information from all areas of the industry.



ASC Focus June-July 2015 Cover June/July 2015


Features of the June-July issue include:

Price Transparency – Models that work in ASCs.

Key Statistics – Know the numbers that help support your patients and ASC.

Responding to Recalls – Strategic steps to take to ensure patient safety.

Improve Operations – Six ways for ASCs to optimize business office performance.



ASC Focus August 2015 Cover August 2015


Features of the August issue include:

Remembering Nap Gary – His legacy lives on.

TJAs Move to ASCs – Tied to top outcomes and cost savings.

Confront Your Elephants – Overcome financial and management challenges.

When a Doctor Leaves – Physician succession planning is critical.



ASC Focus September 2015 Cover September 2015


Features of the September issue include:

Logistics of Overnight Care – Experts discuss keys to success.

Standing Behind Their Work – ASCs offer warranties and guarantees.

Expanding and Remodeling – Requirements and considerations for ASCs.

Transitional Pass-Through Payments – Medicare reimbursements give patients access to novel therapies.



October 2015 Focus Magazine October 2015


Features of the October issue include:

Turn Off Those Mobile Devices – Managing the risks and rules of personal electronic devices.

Help Stop Domestic Violence – Prepare to respond to this often hidden issue.

Recruiting Physicians – Bring topnotch surgeons into your ASC.

Anti-Solicitation Clauses in Physician Contracts – Tying enforcement to patient choice.



November-December 2015 Focus Magazine November-December 2015


Features of the November-December issue include:

Consolidation in the ASC Market – ASCs need strong Internet sites.

Preparing for Surveys Made Easier – Tips on how to pass with flying colors.

Manage by Checklist – Use this simple tool to succeed in your next survey.

Accessing Information for Regulatory and ACO Reporting – Benefits of a discrete data EHR system.



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