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November-December 2020 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2020

Features of the November-December issue include:

Marketing Your ASC in the COVID-19 Era – Play up your strengths, share your new safety precautions with patients

Collaboration Key to Infection Prevention – Responsibilities can be divvied up among team members

Improve ASC Outcomes Through Environmental Hygiene – Assemble a multidisciplinary team, follow evidence-based guidelines and use the right tools


October 2020 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2020

Features of the October issue include:

Building an Ophthalmic ASC – Hire an experienced consulting firm, develop a pro forma and be creative in your design decisions

Bridge Patient and Staff Social Distancing Gaps – Use the right technology, correctly

Calming Patients’ Nerves During a Pandemic – Ophthalmic ASCs go above and beyond their clinical duties to alleviate anxiety


September 2020 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2020

Features of the September issue include:

Collaborating as Partners during a Pandemic – Communication, clinical alignment and resource allocation

Disinfecting, Handling and Storing Endoscopes in the Time of Coronavirus – Follow CDC practices and recommendations from gastroenterology societies

Managing Drug Supplies Effectively amidst COVID-19 – Communicate, be aware of EUAs and create a policy

GI Revenue Cycle Metrics: Acting on Your Data – Q&A with Nader Samii


August 2020 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2020

Features of the August issue include:

Protect Operational Efficiency in the New Normal – COVID-19 protocols could affect patient flow, timing

ASCs Adjust to Pandemic Protocols – Updated guidelines involve more focus on infection control

Help Patients Better Understand Their Expenses – Educate up-front and be transparent about the bills they will receive

Delivering Personalized Patient Communication – Create a balance between in-person and electronic interactions


June-July 2020 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2020

Features of the June-July issue include:

Staying Current with ANSI/AAMI ST79 – What ASCs need to know

FDA Updates Extended Use Drugs List to Meet COVID-19 Demands – Protocols ASCs need to put in place to use these medications safely and avoid citations

Joining Forces Against COVID-19 Pandemic – ASCs nationwide come together to help their communities

Green Your OR – Recycle, use eco-friendly products and identify a sustainability champion in your center

Embrace Change – Add new procedures, technology to your ASC


May 2020 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2020

Features of the May issue include:

Wish I Knew – Factors to consider before opening an ASC

Build a Successful Spine Surgery Team – Rely on strong surgeon leaders and carefully trained staff

Get Paid on Time, Every Time – Ways to hold payers accountable


April 2020 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2020

Features of the April issue include:

After Your Physician Leaves – Do you have a strong infrastructure and potential leads in the bag to eat the loss?

Recruit and Retain Top Staff – Hire candidates who fit, offer fair compensation and professional development opportunities

Improving Productivity in ASCs – Employee satisfaction is key


March 2020 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2020

Features of the March issue include:

Discover the Magic of ASCA 2020 – Come to Orlando this May for the ASC event of the year

Bring Non-Investor Physicians into Your ASC – Help surgeons understand why your ASC is a great choice

Managing Staff Following an Adverse Event – Eliminate blame; provide support


February 2020 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2020

Features of the February issue include:

Choose Meaningful QAPI Topics – Leverage your findings and re-evaluate

Overcome the Top Coding Challenges – Educate, perform audits and ask questions

Use Quality Metrics to Negotiate Contracts – Share patient satisfaction ratings, hospital transfer data and other quantifiable measures


January 2020 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2020

Features of the January issue include:

What's in Store this Year? – Opportunities and challenges facing the ASC industry

Cardiology Moves into the ASC Setting – The time is ripe for surgery centers to do more heart procedures

Malignant Hyperthermia Preparation for ASCs – Help is available on the MHAUS website

Managing the Patient Experience – Plan for all facets of the encounter, including family members’ experiences


November-December 2019 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2019

Features of the November-December issue include:

How to Write an Emergency Preparedness Plan – Involve your team, learn about the requirements, and make it a living tool

Untapped Potential: Urology in the Surgery Center Setting – One-on-one with an ASC urologist

Conduct a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis – CMS requires it


October 2019 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2019

Features of the October issue include:

Treating Violent Patients – Adequate preparation and response required

Medical Tourism in ASCs – Marketing to patients outside your community

Set Up a Compliant Patient Transportation Service – Stay within a new safe harbor and avoid federal anti-kickback violations

ASC Valuation Multiples – Market collaboration on the rise

Marijuana and Medication Reconciliation – Be sure to capture all the details of your patients’ use


September 2019 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2019

Features of the September issue include:

Design Considerations for an ASC – Choose an ASC architect and work closely with your state health department and full team

Role of HVAC in Infection Prevention – Implement a system that monitors and logs temperature, humidity and pressure of your unit

Improve Outcomes Through Environmental Hygiene – Follow the rules, educate staff and create checklists

Protect Your ASC From Embezzlement – Establish internal controls, use an external accountant and conduct regular audits

Trends in ASC Design – Consider these practical, cost-cutting ideas


August 2019 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2019

Features of the August issue include:

Clinical Trends in ASC Ophthalmology – ‘Dropless’ approach, bi-lateral, same-day sequential cataract surgery and Zepto system are improving the quality of eye surgery

How to Collect Workers’ Compensation Effectively – Good relationship with adjusters is key


June-July 2019 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2019

Features of the June-July issue include:

Trends in ASC Robotics – The market appears primed to experience rapid growth

Introduce and Grow a Robotics Program – Research, plan and get physician buy-in before you act

‘The Way We Work Together’ – Copper Ridge Surgery Center shares its patient care initiative story


May 2019 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2019

Features of the May issue include:

Accommodating Complex Ortho Cases – Focus on fundamentals and communicate

Improve Outcomes in TJRs – Patient engagement and education are critical

Wanted: ASC Coders – How to recruit and retain top-notch staff


April 2019 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2019

Features of the April issue include:

Advocacy Makes a Difference – Participate in ASCA’s 2019 National Advocacy Day

Optimize Your Billing Workflows – Collect upfront and make technology your friend

Know Your Representatives – These members of Congress could make a difference to your ASC

Reduce Overhead Costs – Evaluate expenses, ask for better rates and verify billings

Why I Advocate – ASC community members share their thoughts


March 2019 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2019

Features of the March issue include:

ASCA 2019 Heads to Nashville – Join ASCA in Music City for education, networking and Honky Tonkin’

Explore New Revenue Sources in GI – Consider new procedures, ancillary services and payment models

Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Colonoscopy – Improved ADR, quality reporting and reimbursement likely to follow


February 2019 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2019

Features of the February issue include:

Growing Pains – Clinical innovations and business trends in ASC pain management

Overcome Resistance to Technology Adoption – Counter negativity with a proactive approach

Leverage RFID Technology – Monitor traffic, track documents and improve operations


January 2019 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2019

Features of the January issue include:

Looking Ahead at 2019 – Key trends, challenges and opportunities

Assess and Improve Your Team’s Soft Skills – Consider these tips

Build a Useful, Engaging Employee Handbook – Review, revise and recirculate it every year



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