ACHC Launches New Healthcare Staffing Services Certification


ACHC Launches New Healthcare Staffing Services Certification

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) of Cary, North Carolina, launched its new Healthcare Staffing Services Certification last week to validate that staffing agencies meet recognized standards for quality in providing clinical professionals to healthcare organizations. ACHC certification verifies that processes and policies meet recognized standards for temporary staffing placements to ensure patient safety and excellence in care delivery, according to a release.

“Healthcare staffing has been a hot topic since before the pandemic,” said Barb Provini, RN, senior clinical manager for ACHC, in the release. “With more organizations looking to staffing agencies to support their workforce needs, we designed Healthcare Staffing Services Certification as an independent third-party confirmation that an agency is a viable entity that meets recognized standards for credentialing professionals, tracking placements, conducting training and evaluating competencies.”

Certification offers other benefits to staffing agencies, such as a strengthened reputation for delivering reliable, first-rate clinical staffing services; recognition as an industry leader; and a framework for continued quality improvement in operational efficiency and sustainability, according to the release. The certification program further represents ACHC’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that support the needs of healthcare organizations.

“As a consultant, I was invited to participate in the review of draft standards for ACHC’s Healthcare Staffing Services Certification,” said Maggie Farley, president of the Alliance Consulting Services of Florida, in the release. “These standards provide a practical, yet comprehensive roadmap for healthcare organizations who are seeking to provide exceptional care and services.”

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