ADVOCACY SPOTLIGHT: One-On-One with the ASC Quality Collaboration’s New Leader


One-On-One with the ASC Quality Collaboration’s New Leader

Ann Shimek, executive director, talks about her role


Ann Shimek, RN, CASC

Ann Shimek, RN, CASC, became executive director of the ASC Quality Collaboration (ASC QC) in September 2019.

Established in 2006, the ASC QC brings together leaders from both the ASC industry and organizations with a focus on healthcare quality and safety. The organization focuses on:

  • developing standardized quality measures appropriate to ASCs;
  • reporting quality data; and
  • assembling ASC Tools for Infection Prevention (ASC TIPs) that can be used to supplement current infection prevention practices.

The ASC QC also advocates for a system that provides meaningful information for stakeholders while imposing minimal administrative burden for ASCs.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Shimek.

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