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Member Focus

Member Focus invites ASCA members to express their views on key ASC issues. Share your perspective with your colleagues and get to know your peers in the ASC community.

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Jessica Rodriguez

Arnaldo Valedon

Title: Business office manager
Name of ASC: Metro Health OAM Surgery Center
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
How long has your facility been an ASCA member? Five or more years



What does your ASC do to advocate for the ASC community?


We have been honored to host two facility tours for legislators in 2019 and are hoping to host at least one more before the year ends. We feel it is important to connect with our legislators both at the state and national levels and showcase to them the quality of care that ASCs provide at an often much lower price than in a hospital setting. I am also excited to represent our ASC this September for the National Day of Advocacy.