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Terri Cochran, RN, CASC

 Terri Cochran

Title: Center Director
Name of ASC: Orthopaedic Surgery Center
City: Gainesville
State: FL
How long has your facility been an ASCA member? 5 or more years



How do you handle postop instructions with your patients? Do you do it pre-operatively/with a family member/send home written discharge instructions?


During our on-site pre-operative patient visit, patients receive specific instructions regarding post-operative pain, post-operative nausea and vomiting, bleeding and infection, both verbally and in writing. In addition to this, they also receive sample discharge instructions from both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist with the explanation that a personalized set of instructions will be provided to them at the time of their discharge. All discharge instructions are reviewed with both the responsible adult and the patient on the day of surgery, with written copies to go home with. All discharge instructions include a contact phone number, in case there are any questions. Any patient discharged with a pain pump or following any total joint replacement also has direct contact information for the anesthesia provider.