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Stephanie Rodriguez, RN

Stephanie Rodriguez

Title: Quality Improvement, Clinical Compliance, Infection Control
Facility Name: Parkway Surgery Center
City: Myrtle Beach
State: South Carolina
How long has your facility been an ASCA member? Five or more years



How does your ASC store Propofol?


Before July 2019, our facility stored Propofol in a locked cabinet in the anesthesia work room and anesthesia staff would just take what they felt they needed daily. Since that time, we have switched our anesthesia management company that contracts our CRNAs. They are based out of Georgia, which is one of two states that treats Propofol as a controlled substance; because of that we are required to treat Propofol as a controlled substance. We now store Propofol in a double-locked cabinet. It is counted in the am and, depending on the caseload, an allotment is signed out to anesthesia. During cases, anesthesia documents the amount of Propofol administered to each patient. After the case any Propofol left in the vial not administered to the patient is wasted in our controlled substance waste system, witnessed and documented. At the end of the day, anesthesia returns any unused vials to the double-locked cabinet, and the pm count is conducted.


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