ASCA Members Celebrate National ASC Month

In August, ASCs across the country celebrate National ASC Month to highlight the high-quality, cost-effective surgical care that surgery centers provide to their patients and communities. 90210 Surgery Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, and South Kansas City Surgicenter in Overland Park, Kansas, hosted their members of Congress to educate them about ASCs and the work they do for their community.

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New Faces in the 118th Congress

With the start of the 118th Congress, ASCA will continue to focus its legislative efforts and meetings on connecting with representatives and senators who serve on the committees to which legislation of interest to the ASC community would be referred upon introduction. These are known as committees of jurisdiction.

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Host Facility Tours

In 2019, ASCA members hosted facility tours for state and federal lawmakers representing diverse constituencies across the country. These tours helped shore up support for ASCs among longstanding legislators and introduced new state and federal officials to the ASC setting.

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