ASCA 2024: Navigating Supply Chain Constraints

ASCA 2024 Conference & Expo

Navigating Supply Chain Constraints

Come to ASCA 2024 to learn how to cope with rising costs and back orders

The healthcare supply chain can be complex. Most health systems employ large, robust teams that are focused on different functions within the supply chain to maximize value and minimize expense. For the ASC, not only do we battle a lot of the same complexities, but we have the added challenge of competing in the same market—using the same vendors, procuring the same or similar products, etc.—with a sliver of the resources. For ASCs to overcome supply chain complexities, we must do things a bit differently than our acute care counterparts. During my presentation, “Tips and Tricks to Supply Chain Management,” at the ASCA 2024 Conference & Expo, April 17–20, in Orlando, Florida, we will discuss the core functions of supply chain and how you can implement strategies to maximize the value each function can bring to your ASC.

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