Bryant Receives Nap Gary Award for Lifetime Achievement


Bryant Receives Nap Gary Award for Lifetime Achievement

Kathy Bryant Receives Nap Gary Award

ASCA Board Member David Shapiro, MD, presents the Nap Gary Award to Kathy Bryant during ASCA 2023.

ASCA awarded its Nap Gary Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the ASC Community to Kathy Bryant, former chief executive officer of ASCA. David Shapiro, MD, former president and current member of the ASCA Board of Directors and anesthesiologist of Red Hills Surgical Center, presented the award to Bryant at the ASCA 2023 Conference & Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 19.

In introducing Bryant, Shapiro said that this year’s honoree led ASCA’s staff for 12 years and ended her tenure with the association about the same number of years ago. Under her watch, the association navigated a critical period in its history, transitioning from an organization with little recognition in Washington, DC, to an organization that is today the recognized advocate and voice for surgery centers across the country, and the number one resource for ASCs on regulatory policy and ASC-specific education.

Bryant led ASCA from 1998–2010. Under her stewardship, many ASCA members started participating in efforts to educate their state and federal policymakers about the benefits of ASCs in their communities for the first time. With ASCA’s help, they conducted facility tours, participated in letter-writing campaigns and visited Capitol Hill for the first time.

Under her leadership, ASCA supported the introduction of ASC payment reform legislation in 2005 and met with then-President George W. Bush in 2006 to discuss ways ASCs could help fulfill Bush’s national healthcare priorities. The organization also developed National ASC Open House Day—which has since expanded to become National ASC Month—established the Certified Administrator Surgery Center credential in 2002 and convinced the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to continue to allow ASCs to provide recovery care to non-Medicare patients during Bryant’s time.

The Nap Gary Legacy Award recognizes individuals who have made a positive difference in the ASC community during their years of dedicated service. Gary was a longtime leader in the ASC community and served as both an ASCA Board member and president.