AS I SEE IT: Market-Specific Factors Drive ASC Strategy


Market-Specific Factors Drive ASC Strategy

Surgical volume shuffle across ambulatory sites will continue throughout the decade

Each year, Sg2 debuts the latest healthcare projections from our 10-year Impact of Change (IoC) national demand forecast. This year’s forecast is influenced by trends seen over the past two years, with significant changes in utilization, care delivery models and site-of-care shifts across the care continuum. These changes have impacted volume recovery in the near-term and, more importantly, will impact long-term strategies that will enable organizations to operate in a capacity-, resource- and workforce-constrained environment. The year 2021 brought another year of suppressed volumes across the care continuum as the COVID-19 pandemic continued, with patients deferring care or avoiding care altogether due to continued social distancing and mask wearing. Inpatient (IP) and outpatient activity in 2021 remained below 2019 levels, though outpatient surgery fully recovered in the second half of the year. Over the next decade, outpatient volumes are projected to return and grow slightly above estimated population growth, driven by the aging population, increased survivorship and rising chronic diseases.

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