ASCA NEWS: Renew Your Membership for 2023


Renew Your Membership for 2023

Make sure you continue to receive this magazine and take advantage of all your other ASCA member benefits, including

  • the ability to collaborate with other ASC professionals on ASCA Connect about issues affecting your ASC and your bottom line;
  • discounted access to ASCA’s Webinar Series, which covers topics like quality management, delivery of patient care, beneficial business practices, regulatory and legal issues and human resources;
  • access to ASCA’s members-only Medicare Rate Calculator, which makes it easy to calculate your facility’s Medicare reimbursement rates; and
  • free access to ASCA’s HIPAA Workbook for ASCs, designed to help ASCs meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements and reduce their HIPAA-associated risks.

Your membership also supports the work ASCA does to make your voice heard in Washington, DC, and help your ASC comply with the everchanging regulatory requirements that affect your facility.

Members can renew online or by emailing Mykal Cox and requesting an invoice.

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