Industry Consultants Launch ASC Data


Industry Consultants Launch ASC Data

Dedicated to providing comprehensive ASC market intelligence updated quarterly, ASC Data in Washington, DC, equips ASC facility suppliers with dependable information to help them better serve the ASC industry. The firm delivers consistent information about ASC facilities to vendors throughout the US and helps power their strategic planning. Now, ASC Data is expanding its mission with the launch of its first annual ASC industry survey, according to a release.

Chris Schriever, longtime sales and marketing consultant for ASCA and owner of Blue House Sales Group, founded ASC Data alongside Alex Yewdell, an experienced sales consultant who has worked in the ASC market for nearly a decade. They developed the company as a solution to the ASC industry’s long-standing need for trusted data, consistent reporting and relevant analysis.

“ASC Data really came out of a need we saw in this market,” Schriever said in the release. “Suppliers have, for years, been asking for this level of information that is not only reliable, but also easily accessible and at an affordable price. With updates available each quarter, we make it easy for suppliers to stay up to date in an evolving market. As experienced marketers who have worked within the ASC market for many years, both Alex and I have a deep understanding of what information is most valuable to industry vendors and their sales and marketing teams. That strategic perspective paired with the quality and clarity of our data and reports make our offering unique.”

ASC Data’s annual subscription includes two comprehensive datasets that outline a wide range of valuable metrics about facility services and specialities. The company works directly with data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to ensure that its reporting is consistent, timely and accurate. Each dataset is paired with a robust analysis report that highlights key insights along with historical and emerging trends. With updates delivered on a quarterly basis, subscribers can easily track specific changes over time.

As ASC Data continues to expand its mission to provide insights to both suppliers and ASC facilities, it recently launched its inaugural ASC Industry Survey. Focusing on 6,000-plus Medicare-certified ASCs across the country, the company is striving to shed light on a range of industry-specific questions, from ownership structure to interest in adding new specialties. Upon completion of the survey, the final report will be available to all ASC Data subscribers and participating facilities.