AAAHC Calls for 2022-23 Bernard Kershner Award Submissions


AAAHC Calls for 2022-23 Bernard Kershner Award Submissions

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) of Skokie, Illinois, has opened submissions for the 2022-23 Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement (QI) Awards, according to a release. Named in honor of the late Bernard A. Kershner, a leader in ambulatory healthcare and distinguished past chair of the AAAHC Institute Board of Trustees, the prestigious award program recognizes improved performance for a known and measurable clinical, service, safety or operations problem or opportunity through QI.

AAAHC-accredited organizations may submit their application for the award by 11:59 pm CT, November 11, 2022.

“The Kershner QI Award recognizes AAAHC-accredited organizations that commit themselves to making a difference in patients’ lives by continually improving the quality of care they provide," said Julie Lynch, RN, director of the AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement, in the release. "Through comprehensive and structured quality improvement initiatives, this year's winners provided exemplary studies that resulted in improvements in patient safety, quality of care and operational efficiencies. We are excited to learn about key innovations in the delivery of care our accredited organizations will enter for the 2022-23 awards program.”

The AAAHC expert panel uses the 10 components of an effective QI study to evaluate all submissions for clarity and conciseness. Additionally, they will be seeking evidence of innovative thinking, demonstrated teamwork in study design and implementation, and examples that can be used in other ambulatory healthcare settings and for other ambulatory healthcare issues, according to the release. This time-honored award reflects the vision of Bernie Kershner for excellence and quality and his drive to establish procedures for his surgery centers that, according to Kershner, were “far above what could possibly be required of a health facility to raise the bar for professional competency at every single level of the organization.”

“The Knoxville Ophthalmology ASC LLC is honored to be the 2021-22 Kershner surgical/procedural care winner," said Ashley Archer, RN, administrator of Knoxville Ophthalmology ASC, dba Eye Surgery Center of East Tennessee, in the release. "The most distinguished QI studies are recognized by the Kershner QI Awards each year. It is of utmost importance to follow all infection prevention measures. We have successfully kept our infection rate well below the benchmark and in turn, ensured safe care for all patients having a procedure at our center.”