COVER: 2021 In Light of the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc around the world in 2020 and threw all forecasts and projections out the window. As the country continues to respond, ASCs can keep rolling with the changes, delivering high-quality, lower-cost services to their community, and sharing their story with their patients. Here, ASC professionals, who work with the government in various capacities, came together to offer their perspective on what surgery centers can do this year to stay on the ball.

Medicare Cost Reporting for ASCs
Preparing for the future

Opportunity in the Face of Adversity
ASCA Government Affairs Committee works to support members through this challenging time

ASCA Appoints COVID-19 Safe Surgery Work Group
Its goal is to keep ASCs open through the pandemic

Take on the Challenge that Is 2021
Do your part to make sure that the ASC community’s voice is heard in the Capitol

FGI Proposes Changes for 2022 Guidelines for Outpatient Facilities
Revisions include removal, addition and clarification of requirements

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