ASCAPAC Kicks Off Annual State Competition

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ASCAPAC Kicks Off Annual State Competition

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Each year, ASCAPAC, ASCA’s nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) and the only federal PAC that represents the interests of all ASCs, asks ASC leaders in each state to help ASCAPAC achieve its potential and amplify the voice of the ASC community in Washington, DC. This year, ASCAPAC’s fundraising goal is for every employee of ASCA’s member facilities to donate $21. ASCAPAC plans to raise more than $1 million, placing the PAC in a strong position to compete with its peers. ASCAPAC’s “$21 in 21” fundraising drive gives all ASC community members an opportunity to support the advocacy work that resulted in significant victories for them at the federal level last year.

In 2020, ASCA was hard at work advocating for ASCs in Congress and, despite the hardships brought on by the pandemic, we scored major victories for our community, including:

  • the passage of the Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act;
  • federal support for the Paycheck Protection Program and Provider Relief Fund;
  • creation of the Hospitals Without Walls program; and
  • suspension of Medicare sequestration payment reductions.

Despite these victories ASCAPAC is at a severe disadvantage when compared to its peers.

In a two-year period from 2019–2020, other healthcare stakeholders raised more than $7.5 million for their PACs. In the same two-year period, ASCAPAC raised only $70,000.

PAC Money Raised by Healthcare Stakeholders, 2019–2020

To compound this extreme disparity in resources, ASCAPAC did not solicit members for contributions in 2020. While the pandemic continues to have adverse effects on the ASC community, the work of ASCAPAC is more important now than ever. With 58 new members of Congress to educate and a shift in the control of the federal government ASCAPAC has work to do.

As the unified voice of the ASC community, ASCAPAC plays a crucial role in the advocacy efforts and it needs your help. This month, ASCAPAC is kicking off its annual state competition and looking for state leaders to act as peer-to-peer fundraisers.

State leaders will act as surrogates within their states and networks, communicating the importance of contributing to members within their states. ASCA will support state leaders by providing target lists, messaging support and FAQ documents. The state and state leaders with the highest participation rates will be recognized at the ASCA 2021 Virtual Conference, which will take place live on April 26, May 3 and May 10.

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Write Adam Parker if you have questions about ASCAPAC or the state competition.