ASCA Releases New Podcast Episode on Facility Design Guidelines

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ASCA Releases New Podcast Episode on Facility Design Guidelines

FGI Board member discusses upcoming revisions for the 2022 cycle

In “The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) and ASCs” podcast episode, Shapiro talked about how the institute’s guidelines are developed and ways ASCs and other healthcare providers can apply them to promote public health and safety inside their facilities.

He described the comment and review process used to update the institute’s guidelines every four years and said that the newest version, which will incorporate new recommendations developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be released in 2022. He also discussed the diverse expertise the guideline reviewers bring to the process and the importance of having a voice for ASCs in the mix.

Most of the revisions for the 2022 cycle were reworking and updating the existing requirements because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shapiro said in the podcast. “So, some new sections will be added, including hyperbaric facilities, low-acuity pods and freestanding ERs. Again, the need to consider adding airborne infectious isolation rooms to certain ambulatory care facilities, clear floor area in other settings, just to name some of the few changes.”

A couple of weeks ago, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent weather-related emergencies, the institute published a separate guidance document, Guidance for Designing Health and Residential Care Facilities that Respond and Adapt to Emergency Conditions. “It is … an exceptionally comprehensive document,” he said in the podcast. “That publication, which runs over 700 pages, covers recommendations and design considerations for both new construction and also for major renovations. It is available as of now, free via download, and is posted on our homepage.”

Listen to the podcast episode.