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Get Involved in Advocacy during National ASC Month

August is National ASC Month, and this year, ASCA members have multiple ways to connect with their representatives in Congress. ASCA will help organize facility tours, both virtually and in person, and offer its members the chance to choose which type of tour they want to conduct. Hosting a facility tour during National ASC Month is the most effective way to educate members of Congress about ASCs and the ASC community.

Regardless of the format ASCA members use to engage, ASCA staff will support tour leaders from the first step to the last, providing training calls, outreach support to congressional offices, technical support and a diverse collection of supporting materials. As part of its drive to educate new members of Congress, ASCA aims to have its members meet with all 71 new members of the 117th Congress. In June alone, ASCA members have hosted in-person and virtual tours with six members of Congress and their staff (read Advocacy Spotlight for more information).

ASCA members interested in hosting a tour for their member of Congress can complete the facility tour interest form or visit ASCA’s facility tour webpage for more information.

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