Surglogs Appoints New Director


Surglogs Appoints New Director

Surglogs of San Diego, California, hired Victoria Samper as its director of regulatory compliance, according to a February 25 company release.

Samper will advise Surglogs on how to optimize its software to make the accreditation process run as smoothly as possible for ASCs and hospitals.

Samper has worked in the healthcare industry for more than two decades and has considerable experience in ambulatory accreditation. She worked as the vice president of ambulatory accreditation programs at the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) of San Francisco, California, where she led the institution to successfully achieve Medicare deeming authority for its ASC program. Prior to her work at IMQ, she held several positions with major healthcare providers, such as Kaiser Permanente.

“I have seen the immense stress that regulatory compliance can put on ASC and hospital administrators and have dedicated my career to improving this necessary accreditation process,” Samper said in the release. “I look forward to continuing my impact on the ambulatory accreditation process through my work with Surglogs and advising the company on how to optimize its software to benefit administrators.”

Surglog offers automated regulatory compliance solutions for ASCs and hospitals, and Samper will work to continue innovating the compliance software suite so that ASC and hospital administrators can spend less time on paperwork and more time on their practices and patients, according to the release.