ADVOCACY: Host Facility Tours


Host Facility Tours

Educate your lawmakers and advocate for ASCs

In 2019, ASCA members hosted facility tours for state and federal lawmakers representing diverse constituencies across the country. These tours helped shore up support for ASCs among longstanding legislators and introduced new state and federal officials to the ASC setting. Facility tours are one of the ASC community’s most effective advocacy tools, allowing ASCA members to show their lawmakers firsthand the benefits ASCs provide to their communities, patients and Medicare.

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Hosting a facility for the first time doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. ASCA is here to support our members before, during and after these tours. We can help issue invitations and organize tours for members of Congress and state legislators. We also can provide information about best practices for leading a facility tour and support our member ASCs with crucial information about pertinent legislation, helpful graphics and statistics. ASCA appreciates its members who led facility tours in 2019 and had overwhelmingly positive experiences advocating for ASCs and their facilities.

For more information, visit ASCA's Facility Tour page. Write Adam Parker with questions regarding ASCA’s facility tour program.