REGULATORY REVIEW: ASCQC Conference Shows Industry’s Continued Commitment to Quality


ASCQC Conference Shows Industry’s Continued Commitment to Quality

Updates focus on public and private quality initiatives

On July 22, the Ambulatory Surgery Center Quality Collaboration (ASCQC) held its sixth annual conference in Washington, DC. The meeting brought together a wide-ranging group of industry stakeholders, including representatives from facilities, physician groups, management companies, health information technology (IT) vendors, regulatory agencies, specialty societies, and accreditation and quality organizations. The diverse attendee group reflects the industry’s collaborative commitment to ensuring high-quality care in ASCs across the country. Perhaps even more importantly, the willingness of many attendees to continue attending year after year, coupled with the addition of new stakeholders—2018 was the first ASCQC conference to include vendors—shows an understanding that commitment to quality is an ongoing process. By voluntarily continuing to share best practices, discuss areas for improvement, and review ever-expanding quality benchmarks, ASCs can maintain their place as high-quality, low-cost centers for care.

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