REGULATORY REVIEW: Trump Administration Works to Reduce Regulatory Burden


Trump Administration Works to Reduce Regulatory Burden

Feedback requested to guide future action

In September 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the finalization of burden reduction measures the ASC community has long requested: (1) removing the requirement that ASCs have a transfer agreement with a hospital or that all ASC physicians have admitting privileges with a local hospital, (2) replacing the requirement regarding history and physical assessment (H&P) with a new standard based on a clinician’s clinical judgment and (3) revisions to emergency preparedness requirements. These provisions first appeared in a September 2018 proposed rule titled “Regulatory Provisions to Promote Program Efficiency, Transparency, and Burden Reduction,” to which ASCA submitted comments supporting the proposals. The ensuing finalization represents a major regulatory win for the ASC industry.

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