Celebrate National ASC Month

This August, facilities around the country will host open houses and facility tours for elected officials, the media and members of their community to promote awareness of ASCs and celebrate National ASC Month.

Hosting a tour creates a personal connection between you and your elected officials that could directly affect ASC-related legislation and regulations. These events raise the profile of ASCs, help educate the public about the high-quality care ASCs offer and can secure support for ASCs during key policy-making deliberations.

Congress is in recess during the month of August, so this is the perfect time to host a facility tour for your representative(s). To get started, email Adam Parker.

For more information, visit ASCA’s Facility Tour page.

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Sign Up for ASCA’s August Webinars

ASCA will host three webinars in August. Ann Geier, chief nursing officer of SourceMedical, will present “Taking the Infection Preventionist Seriously” at 1:00 pm ET on August 6. Participants will learn the proper amount of time and resources to allocate to their designated infection preventionist (IP) while maintaining staffing priorities in other areas. Pete Bekas, managing director of Octane Solution Group, will present “Lower the High Cost of Collecting from the New Payer: The Patient” at 1:00 pm ET on August 20. He will discuss the processes, technologies and best practices that facilities across the country employ to help reduce the overall cost of collecting from patients.

Jason C. Ross, partner at Higgs Fletcher & Mack, will lead the final August webinar, “From Marijuana to Sexual Harassment: Health Care Employment Law Updates,” at 1:00 pm ET on August 27. This webinar will explore the new and developing issues around the legalization of marijuana, how they affect the workplace and how to navigate them properly.

All three webinars are included in the 2019 Webinar All-Access Pass. This pass provides access to the live events and recordings of all 16 webinars this year at one low price.

Visit ASCA’s Webinars page to learn more and register.