Cedar Rapids ASC Completes 100,000 Procedures


Cedar Rapids ASC Completes 100,000 Procedures

On February 14, 2018, Surgery Center Ceder Rapids in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will perform its 100,000th procedure, according to a press release. In the 15 years since its inception, the ASC has saved patients and insurance companies more than $100 million dollars by offering a high-quality, lower-cost alternative for multiple outpatient surgical procedures.

Fifteen years ago, several groups of community surgeons joined together with St. Luke’s Hospital and announced plans to operate Cedar Rapids’ first and only certified outpatient surgery facility, Surgery Center Cedar Rapids.

Since 2003, Surgery Center Cedar Rapids saved individuals and their insurance providers $114 million as compared to the same procedures performed in a hospital-based setting, according to the release. The majority of the financial savings go to insurance providers who cover the bulk of the procedural costs. Patients still saved more than $22 million in copays and deductibles.

“As patients continue to pay for a larger share of their health care coverage every year on top of their monthly premiums, the savings becomes more noticeable,” said David Hart, MD, president and medical director of Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa. “Outpatient surgery facilities have become commonplace throughout the country and are extremely popular because they offer a lower cost as well as convenience to patients. We are very pleased that Cedar Rapids area residents have had access to this type of facility.”