President Trump Signs VA Health Care Reform Bill

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President Trump Signs VA Health Care Reform Bill

A provision in this legislation will support ASCs

On June 6, President Donald Trump signed the VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks (MISSION) Act of 2018 to reform the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system. The VA MISSION Act will directly impact ASCs that offer care to veterans, as one important provision requires non-VA provider claims be reimbursed in 30–45 days.


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ASCs have served veterans for years. Recently, however, ASCs and other community care providers often waited 12 months or more for claims reimbursement. Particularly for ASCs, this delay is untenable and impedes veterans as they seek care. ASCA supports the claims reimbursement process outlined in the VA MISSION Act, as the Association previously endorsed a bill with the same language.

In addition to the new claims reimbursement process, the VA MISSION Act authorizes local provider agreements with the VA that, according to a US Senate bill summary, will “remove bureaucratic red tape and meet veterans’ need for care in the community.” Local contract guidelines will be sorted over the next several months. ASCA will continue to monitor this issue and keep members informed.

Other notable provisions in the VA MISSION Act include the following:

  • Fund the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) for one more year at $5.2 billion;
  • sunset the VCP after one year and coalesce all non-VA provider care programs into one Veterans Community Care Program;
  • allow VA to contract with third-party entities to process electronic claims;
  • require non-VA providers to submit all records of care furnished to veterans;
  • establish a VA Center for Innovation for Care and Payment;
  • create a program to educate veterans on their health care options; and
  • require VA staff training to administer non-VA health programs.

For more information, visit our veterans health care webpage and read ASCA’s press release. Write Jeff Evans with questions.