Be Clear on Medical Device Clearance Process

What ASCs need to know about FDA 510(k)

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The Joint Commission Updates Emergency Management Requirements

In response to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) emergency preparedness final rule, The Joint Commission is updating its emergency management requirements for ASCs and other types of accredited organizations.

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AJRR Issues 2017 Annual Report

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) has issued its 2017 Annual Report on hip and knee arthroplasty data. The report analyzes data on 860,080 hip and knee replacement procedures performed by 4,755 surgeons at 654 organizations.

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Options for Post-Acute Services

As more complex procedures continue to move to the outpatient setting, ASCs should actively be looking at where patients can receive the best post-acute recovery care, recommends Rebecca Craig, RN, CASC, ASCA Board president and chief executive officer of Harmony Surgery Center and Peak Surgical Management in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Lending a Healing Hand

Claire Cunningham

One World Surgery in Chicago, Illinois, a nonprofit, partners with communities, health-care providers and leaders in health care to deliver surgical services globally. ASCA has joined hands with the organization to help fulfill its mission. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Claire Cunningham, executive director of the organization.

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Focus on Members

What new payment method is your ASC using or looking to implement?

Darlene Hinkle

"We are constantly looking at our billing practices to make sure that we capture all items that are..."

—Darlene Hinkle, Fairgrounds Surgical Center/ Children's Surgery Center/ Lehigh Valley Hospital

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Names in the News

Medical Facilities Appoints New President and CEO

OCTOBER 26, 2017

Medical Facilities America Inc. of Franklin, Tennessee, appointed Robert O. Horrar as president and chief executive officer (CEO), according to an October 25 company release. Horrar previously served as chief operating officer of the company.

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