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Ask an RN

The value of nursing input into ASC building design


Ask an RN

The value of nursing input into ASC building design

Splash, Soap, Rinse, Dry

How to assess hand hygiene and stay compliant

ASCs Training Perioperative RNs

Dearth of trained nurses has inspired surgery centers to develop their own programs

ASC Collections under Health Care Reform

Talk with your patients early to ensure success

Fire Safety Compliance

The changes that ASCs can expect with the implementation of the 2012 Life Safety Code

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Digital Debut

Top 2015 CMS Citations

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ran a FY 2015 citation frequency report for ASCA for both health surveys and Life Safety Code surveys. Unfortunately, we do not have more specific information as to what areas within each tag might be commonly cited, but this should at least give facilities an idea of where CMS is focusing its attention.

Infection control issues were once again at the top of the “Most Cited” listed. We expect this to continue to be a hot survey topic, since CMS updated the Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet last summer.

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Names in the News

SourceMed and Command Health Partner

MAY 9, 2016

Officials at SourceMed of Birmingham, Alabama, announced a strategic partnership with Command Health of Boulder, Colorado. This partnership will enable ASCs to meet the needs of their surgeons while maximizing reimbursements through faster, more complete and more actionable clinical documentation, according to a SourceMed release.

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Surgical Funds Partners with BMC Capital

APRIL 20, 2016

Officials at Surgical Funds of Dallas has announced a partnership with BMC Capital also of Dallas, according to a release.

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