Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey

ASCA's online Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey provides valuable quality and performance data about your ASC that you can compare with other participating ASCs.

The survey was designed by ASC benchmarking experts and based on feedback from ASCA members. Participation is open to the entire ASC community.

Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Q1 data submission for the 2020 survey is extended through May 31. Learn more.

2020 Benchmarking Survey
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Survey content areas:

  • Overall Reporting
    • Volume
    • Quality
    • Operational Measures
    • Outcomes
    • Complications
    • Staffing
    • Financial
  • Total Joint Reporting (new in 2020)
  • Complex Spine Reporting (new in 2020)

Survey features include:

  • Dynamic filtering capabilities that allow you to focus in on the information most relevant to your facility
  • Convenient 24/7 access to your data reports
  • A streamlined, quick-to-complete survey design
  • Real-time data review that helps ensure the accuracy of the data you provide
  • Easy-to-read reports that allow for quick comparisons between your ASC and national and specialty trends
  • New in 2020: The survey meets AAAHC’s Advanced Orthopaedic Certification requirements as a nationally recognized specialty-specific data repository

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2020 Survey Subscription Pricing

Subscriptions to the 2020 Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey are now available.

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NOTE TO 2019 SUBSCRIBERS: Survey subscriptions are for one year only; you will need to purchase a new subscription to participate in 2020.

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2020 Survey Schedule

Below are the data submission periods and dates the reports will be available for the survey:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Q1 data submission is extended through May 31 and Q1 reports will be available June 15.

Please note: This extension applies only to Q1; subsequent data submission periods will remain unchanged.

Reporting Period Data Submission Period Reports Available
First Quarter (Q1) April 1 - April 30 May 31 May 15 June 15
Second Quarter (Q2) July 1 - July 31 August 15
Third Quarter (Q3) October 1 - October 31 November 15
Fourth Quarter (Q4) January 1 - January 31 February 15

New in 2020

Specialty-Specific Sections: Joint and Spine

ASCA’s 2020 Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey includes new specialty-specific questions about total knee/hip/shoulder replacement procedures as well as complex spine procedures. As in past years, the survey allows ASCs to submit and benchmark overall data for all specialties; these new specialty-specific questions give ASCs the option to do the same for the procedures listed above. Note: The "Total Hip, Knee, Shoulder Joint Reporting” and “Complex Spine Reporting" sections are optional. You can skip these sections if your ASC does not perform these procedures.

The new questions collect data and allow ASCs to benchmark with similar organizations on:

  • Preoperative functional status assessments
  • Falls (in the ASC and after discharge)
  • Postoperative nausea and vomiting
  • Discharge status
  • Hospital transfers
  • Emergency department visits post-discharge
  • Unplanned hospital admission post-discharge
  • Cancellations
  • Return to surgery
  • Venous thromboembolism post-discharge
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Grievance

AAAHC’s Requirements for Advanced Orthopaedic Certification: Specialty-Specific Data Repository

ASCA is excited to announce that, with the addition of these new specialty-specific enhancements, the Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey now meets the requirements for the AAAHC Advanced Orthopaedic Certification Program, Standard 3.B Performance Measurement, as a nationally recognized specialty-specific data repository.

Download Questions Feature

A new “Download Questions” feature makes it easy for users to download all the survey questions—with or without their responses—as a PDF or Excel file.

Homepage Layout Updates

The seven overall reporting sections from previous years (Volume, Quality, Operational Measures, Outcomes, Complications, Staffing and Financial) have been consolidated into one new section, Overall Reporting. These questions are the same as in past years.

Learn How to Use the Survey

A quick primer on the value of benchmarking for ASCs is Sandra Jones' article, Compare and Improve.

To get started with ASCA's Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey, review the Quick Start Guide and watch the Overview and Demo video below.


If you have questions about ASCA's Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey or the online subscription process, please email ASCA at or call our Member Services team at 703.836.8808.